Win $50 Your Choice Flash Giveaway


Could you use an extra $50?!?!  Donna’s Deals and More has teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you $50 your choice (PayPal, Amazon or Walmart Gift Card)

All you have to do is enter the simple rafflecopter below!

A quick word about our sponsor who made this all possible:

Simple Addiction is committed to bring you the lowest prices on the hottest boutique items. Who said you couldn’t save money while spending money? Our vendors offer items 50-80% off retail prices because of the volume Simple Addiction provides. We offer our items for 36 hours to keep our inventory fresh and it’s just exciting to watch the clock countdown!

*Open worldwide!

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  1. I’d buy some school clothes for my granddaughter!

  2. I would buy my son some more cloth diapers!

  3. Followed all on Twitter except @cjkcoupon “user you requested was not found”

  4. Use it to buy clothes

  5. Lots of baby showers next month plus school supplies and clothes are needed :)

  6. School shopping!

  7. get clothes for my daughter

  8. Take it on my vacation next month to AZ to see My Grand Children n Great Grandchildren

  9. i would buy a purse

  10. I would buy books

  11. a purse

  12. CJKCOUPON Wouldnt come up to follow, So couldnt follow it. DARN..Not My Fault

  13. Got it another way. Thank You

  14. I am working on redecorating my bedroom so this would help a ton!

  15. I’d love to win an Amazon GC cause I’m trying to get a Kindle Fire since my other kindle died

  16. Id buy my girls school stuff

  17. A walmart card would be a great start on a new toaster oven

  18. I would use it to get the kids good back packs!

  19. I would get some clothes.

  20. Maybe get some new clothes.

  21. I would use it to but some new e-books or some new dishes

  22. Buy something someone in my family wants or needs.

  23. I’d buy some clothes

  24. I would buy some new shoes :)

  25. I would use it to buy a new outfit for my nieces wedding in dominican republic going there in sept.

  26. I would buy groceries.

  27. I would buy diapers for my new born & my 1 year old. And use the rest for school supplies for my oldest

  28. Some more diapers/pull-ups

  29. buy some clothes

  30. a bottle of cologne

  31. I would use it to buy my children’s school supply’s!

  32. I would buy some new pants for myself.

  33. I would buy myself a floral arranagement for my dining room table!!!

  34. School supplies!

  35. use it for gas in my truck

  36. Elizabeth Roby says:

    I would buy myself some pants!

  37. I would buy my little girl school supplies for her first year of Kindergarten!

  38. Take my daughter out and buy her school clothes :)

  39. I’d probably end up spending it on my kids, or husband.

  40. Buy groceries and personal care goods

  41. I would buy school clothes for my two boys.

  42. I would buy clothes and movies for my kids .

  43. I would buy my sweet two year daughter some clothes. I am currently in transition in between jobs.

  44. Would buy my grandson some school clothes!

  45. buy some groceries

  46. it go toward my ipad fund

  47. Spoil my grandkids more :)

  48. Clothes for my kids!

  49. Give it to my son for his 16th birthday.

  50. I would buy my kids new bento boxes for school.

  51. For my soon to be baby :)

  52. I would put it toward a date for me and the hubby. :-)

  53. Patti Wilder says:

    buy some fun

  54. School supplies

  55. shopping

  56. I would buy the kids some school supplies


  58. I would use it to buy more Diamond Candle rings off the trade page

  59. I would want the $50 Amazon card! I love for everything…Amazon’s not just for book! My favorite online shopping site.

  60. I’m most likely to purchase cloth diapers for our baby girl coming in December!

  61. Believe it or not, I’m already planning my Christmas shopping! I’d put it towards that.

  62. I am saving up for a refurbished Kindle!

  63. I would use it for back to school shopping.

  64. It would go toward school shopping


  66. Considering I have a 3.5 month old and just found out we are pregnant again….DIAPERS!!! lol

  67. Treat my grandson to a fun camping trip. Before school starts back very soon, thanks

  68. I would use it toward school clothes..I have 3 kids to buy for!

  69. Wow there’s so much I could use. That’s really hard to pinpoint one thing!

  70. I would stock up on school supplies for the upcoming school year! Hopefully my last year of University!

  71. I would buy a wall mount for my t.v.

  72. I would buy school clothes for the grandchildren!

  73. I would buy some new clothes for school.

  74. stock up on diapers and wipes :)

  75. I would use it for groceries or bills.

  76. I have 5 kids….. sure I can find a place to spend it.

  77. Buy groceries
    Thanks :)

  78. Buy some much needed clothes.

  79. WooooHoooo! I could really use this gc. Thanks!

  80. I would buy a new set of scrubs for the new job I start tomorrow!!

  81. Spend it on baby needs – I am pregnant

  82. grocery shopping with 4 teenagers there is never enough food

  83. I would buy books for me and my daughter.

  84. I would start Christmas shopping

  85. I would buy an educational toy for my almost 2 years old daughter

  86. Im getting married in January and this would help for the reception. :)

  87. gas for my truck :)

  88. Buy clothes

  89. urban decay palette

  90. save for Christmas shopping

  91. my fine so i dont go to jail!

  92. … turn it into $100 worth of stuff with deals and coupons!!!!!

  93. I would buya much needed shower curtain rod!

  94. i would use the money to go visit my mom i have not seen her since october

  95. Omg,We need Food Bigtime!! Please,Please,GOD let me win this one.You know how bad we need some food..Thank You!!!

  96. Give it to someone in need of it :)

  97. help pay some bills i am coming up short on paying bills this month. sure hope i win it or somebody who really needs it too wins!!!


  99. I’d use it for what’s left of my kids school supply list.

  100. Back to school shopping.

  101. school supplies

  102. I would like the walmart gift card. That way I could price match and get some awesome deals on school supplies! All the office supply stores are a 150 mile drive, one way, from me!

  103. Spend it on my grandson’s school needs for his first year of high school! Won’t buy much but every little bit helps! Thanks!!

  104. I would buy my son who is turning 3 a cake and a new pair of shoes for his bday present

  105. I’d get to buy books! thanks for the giveaway

  106. Bonnie Yates says:

    Household items

  107. Save it for Christmas!

  108. i would spend it on my son!!! his birthday is coming up soon

  109. I would buy some art supplies for my girls!!

  110. buy some clothes, or perfume, or jewlery

  111. oh my, so many things can be done with the 50 bucks but school clothes for my 2 boys would be on the top of the list

  112. I would put it towards my electric bill!

  113. I would buy groceries!

  114. I would use the $50 to either pay a bill or buy groceries.

  115. i would get my 9 month old a new really cool toy.

  116. school clothes for my 12 year old!

  117. Put it towards a computer for my son.

  118. School supplies!!! 4 kids going back to school in a week and I haven’t been able to buy the first thing yet!! EEK

  119. If I won 50.00 I would buy something for me It is my 50th birthday next week! LOL

  120. I would so use it to plan a girls day out with my bestie thats been having a rough last few months. Go out to eat and just relax with no stress.

  121. Could really use this for supplies.. Good luck

  122. need that 50

  123. I would buy a daily planner and some school supplies for the fall!

  124. school supplies

  125. I would start some school shopping for my son. :) Thanks for giving me a chance to win :) Have a good night :0

  126. I would put it towards a android tablet

  127. i would buy household items

  128. It’s mine and my husbands 4 year anniversary on August 23rd. financially things are extreamly tight for us, so I would use it to buy my husband these headphones he’s been wanting, or use it for dinner and a movie on our anniversary :)

  129. Back to school supplies for my 3 in school!

  130. It would go to the new car fund :)

  131. I would spend every penny on my children!!

  132. probably put it toward my kids school clothes, or be selfish and get something for myself ;)

  133. i would put it in our Christmas gift fund!!!!!!

  134. I would use it for christmas gifts!!!!!