Bella Lucia’s Gluten Free Pizzelles

Bella Lucia’s Gluten Free Pizzelles began a short 3 years ago in her home.  A few years after being diagnosed with celiac disease she no longer wanted to bake all the traditional cookies and breads that she grew up on. One day when making pizzelles for the family, she decided to try to substitute wheat flour with her gluten free flour. The rest is history. She can’t say she started my business immediately, that came a few years later with much encouragement from friends and family. The local natural food store took on her cookies reluctantly, however within a few months people were asking for them by name. The secret is that they don’t taste gluten free like so many other products. Whether pizzelles are a cookie you grew up on, or if your just looking for something exciting and new to delight your taste buds you’ll be back for more. Lots of people ask, “what else do you make besides pizzelles?” The truth is, she can make most anything, however, she believes if you want to do something right, you focus on one thing at a time till its perfect!  They want you to enjoy their cookies as much as they do. She am confident that you’ll love their pizzelles and be back for more!

Growing up my grandmother and mother used to make pizzelles.  They were a wonderful treat we ate around the holidays.  I remember how good the house would smell when they were cooking.  As I got older and we didn’t make them anymore and then when I found out I had celiac I really forgot about them.  I am always looking for a good GF cookie so I was really excited to try these out!

They’re delicious!! I have had homemade pizzelles and these taste like the real homemade thing! Everyone around here loved them.  They brought about a lot of wonderful childhood memories and now I can make new memories around the holidays with my munchkins and pizzelles.

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