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  1. Rhonda Grundstein
    Jul 26 - 14:40

    I learned how much better using Aloe for the main ingredient is much better than water.

  2. Amy W.
    Jul 26 - 14:41

    It is a natural aloe vera based product.

  3. Aria H.
    Jul 28 - 17:03

    Their products are made with an aloe vera base (not water) and contain only safe, healthy ingredients.

  4. Anita Leibert
    Jul 30 - 08:06

    I learned that L’Bri guarantees that If you do not see and feel a more beautiful you in 30 days, simply return the product and they will gladly send you a prompt and courteous refund.

  5. alena svetelska
    Jul 30 - 08:16

    i have learned that these products Are paraben free

  6. SALLY Mcintyre
    Jul 30 - 08:20

    How good aloe vera is.

  7. Theresa Wilson
    Jul 31 - 04:13

    Their products are made with an aloe vera base and contain only healthy ingredients

  8. Lindsey P.
    Aug 01 - 17:16

    I learned that L’Bri uses a butterfly as their company symbol because they symbolize joy, happiness, and beauty.

  9. Kim Kostiew
    Aug 01 - 17:29

    You decided to use aloe vera as the base. And Aloe vera is very good for the skin! :)

  10. Caitlin
    Aug 01 - 17:35

    Their L’BRI collection draws its plants from only the highest grade, cultivated in the Rio Grande Valley. They also have a hair nail and skin supplement that I am interested in. It is similar to biotin but also has other vitamins in it that I think would be great.

  11. Brandi L
    Aug 01 - 18:18

    they market skin care, nutritional, and beauty products from their offices in Mukwonago, Wisconsin through independent sales Consultants.

  12. Dorothy Walters
    Aug 01 - 19:00

    That aloe vera is the base of the products

  13. Dorothy Walters
    Aug 01 - 19:14

    Free item giveaways said I could not get into it, So I went on facebook and hope I picked the right one,

  14. Darlene Hargrove
    Aug 01 - 21:42

    I learned that the products come with a 30 day guarantee.

  15. Jennifer Olsen
    Aug 03 - 02:13

    That it uses an Aloe Vera base… I love aloe!

  16. lisa
    Aug 03 - 22:44

    I would love to win!

  17. Lisa Lugenbeel
    Aug 03 - 23:29

    how good aloe is for your skin and I like that they support the Make a Wish Foundation

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