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Donna’s Deals and More has teamed up with Harman Eye Center to bring you another amazing flash giveaway!  This one is even bigger! There will be 2 winners! 1 will win a hot pair of Red Fendi Sunglasses ($300 RV) and 1 will win these sleek Oakley’s ($150 RV)!  Both include designer cases.

A special thanks to Harman Eye Center who made this event possible.  If you are looking for the best Lasik and Eye care, look no further!

Just enter the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

*Open to US only

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  1. Thank you !!!

  2. Oakleys

  3. The Fendi sunglasses are hot!!

  4. Fendi !!

  5. I would love to have the Fendi glasses!

  6. Fendi’s Red’s my color!! Thank You :)

  7. has to be the oakleys

  8. Definately the fendi’s there HOT!!

  9. I like both, but probably the Red Fendi is what I would choose.

  10. Would love to win the Fendi’s.

  11. Fendi

  12. I would like the Oakley’s. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. the oakelys are cute

  14. The Red Fendi please! Great glasses and a great giveaway! Thanks! Good luck everyone! ;D

  15. The Red Fendi! Red is my FAVORITE color

  16. The Fendi’s

  17. I love the red Fendi glasses!

  18. The Fendi sunglasses!

  19. Those are awesome! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  20. I want to win the Fendi’s!!

  21. I would LOVE to win the Oakleys to give to my boyfriend as a 9 year anniversary gift! He has always wanted Oakleys! Unless these are women’s sunglasses? In any case I would like the Oakleys! lol

  22. Ooooh red fendi please!

  23. The Fendi! ADORABLE!!

  24. Ohh i want the Red Fendi glasses.. wowsers

  25. The Red Fendi Sunglasses. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. I already have my Oakley autism awareness glasses, so I guess I would go for the fendi’s. Thanks!!

  27. like the oakley’s glasses.

  28. Oakley’s or my son

  29. I would love the Oakleys for my husband! He really could use a new pair of shades!

  30. Fendi.. i’m feeling that RED!

  31. The Fendi sunglasses please! They are fabulous!!

  32. I like both, but I guess I would pick the Red Fendi. Thank you!

  33. I would love love love those hot red Fendi’s! :)

  34. Love these wanna win!!!

  35. The Fendi’s :)

  36. Fendi for sure!

  37. The Fendis! Gorgeous!

  38. The Oakley’s

  39. Id Love the Fendi’s but would be thrilled to win either :)

  40. Oakleys!!

  41. Oakleys are my fav!!!!!!!

  42. The Oakley ones.These are so cool! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  43. The Fendi sunglasses are RED HOT!

  44. Great looking glasses

  45. The Oakleys!

  46. I am no choosy but if I have to choose I would say the Oakleys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  47. Love Oakleys!

  48. I like the Fendis

  49. I love the Fendi’s!

  50. Red ones are super cute! But I definitely like both

  51. The Oakley’s

  52. The Fendi’s – I’ll look good in that

  53. The Fendi’s!!

  54. I love the Oakleys!

  55. okleys

  56. The red Fendi’s…because red SIZZLES!

  57. The red Fendi’s….because red SIZZLES!

  58. I would like the Fendi glasses but I’m sure my son would like the Oakleys :)

  59. The fendi glasses are to die for *___* so perfect for summer!!

  60. The Oakleys, of course!

  61. Definitely the Oakleys!

  62. Oakleys please

  63. the oakley’s

  64. Win!!!!! luv the Fendi

  65. The Fendi’s are beautiful! Love them!

  66. I love the Oakleys. Please and Thank you!

  67. Why both of course. The first for my daughter.

  68. thanks!

  69. The Fendi!!!

  70. Like the Oakleys

  71. love Oakleys

  72. Oakleys

  73. Oakleys

  74. Fendis

  75. winning either pair would be cool with me!!!

  76. BOTH! But if I HADDDD to pick I’d pick Fendi

  77. I like the look of the Oakleys better

  78. Fendi’s are awesome. Would love them

  79. Oakley’s all the way!

  80. sonika says:

    what a fab giveaway…I would love the Fendi’s :)

  81. Fendi!!

  82. Fendi’s! :)

  83. The Oakley’s!!!!!

  84. awesome

  85. The Oakleys

  86. The Fendi’s

  87. Very nice!

  88. Hard to choose they are both very nice!!!!!

  89. love the red fendi’s

  90. Love the Fendi’s!!!

  91. The Fendi’s

  92. i think the oakleys are perfect for my :-)

  93. the oakleys for sure would look nice

  94. I am so loving both, i cant choose

  95. Oooooooooo akleys for the. Win.

  96. oakleys

  97. fendi’s! I love em!

  98. Both pairs are fabulous!! I’d probably pick the Fendi’s since I don’t have any red sunglasses

  99. The Red Fendi sunglasses.

  100. I love the Fendi’s


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