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  1. A surprise party that some old friends surprised me with…so my gift were the old friends

  2. hmm best birthday gift…i can’t really name one to be honest. but mother’s day was the year my youngest was born, on mother’s day-that day was the best mother’s day ever.

  3. A cruise to the southern carribean!

  4. nothing beats a home made anything from the babies. :)

  5. The best birthday present was when I was young and came home to find a puppy waiting for me!

  6. The Best present i ever received was my daughter remembering my birthday and giving me a pair of diamond studs!

  7. The best birthday gift I have ever received is probably just going out with my family for a night. Going to dinner and watching a movie. I love having that family time.

  8. These candles are an very awesome idea! I would love to win one! :)

  9. The best birthday present (actually 2 weeks after my birthday) I found out I was pregnant with our daughter. She was born exactly 10 weeks before my next birthday!!!

  10. The unexpected dresser. Sounds weird, I guess… but I loved it!

  11. I haven’t really received anything for my birthday in a long time, so can’t really say what my best birthday present was.

  12. I got a new Ipod from my boyfriend since the other one I had broke. He totally surprised me and he got me my favorite flowers…pink roses :)

  13. A camera from myself hehe

  14. The best birthday gift I have ever received was a Wacom drawing tablet (which is for drawing pictures on the computer basically, I’m not talking about an android or similar tablet.) I still have it, and in good condition (which is hard to do in this house!) I love drawing with it, but my current computer can’t handle it (it doesn’t take up much space, it’s just that this computer has a reeaallyy small hard drive) so I’m bummed. I will always treasure it though. My mother gave it to me :)

  15. i love all of theses candles

  16. Gee, I don’t have many memories of birthday gifts. My family did more on Christmas, but I do remember getting a ceramic girl with the number “7” on it one year. My little sister has it now

  17. I got a diamond candle now i’m hooked LOL

  18. The best birthday present I’ve received was probably a ring with my children’s birthstones…

  19. I really loved my ottoman that came with four collapsible smaller ottoman’s (ottomen?) inside…LOVE it still! Well, my 2 yr old granddaughter performed surgery on it this week but still:)

  20. Best gift so far is my Nikon 5100…which I seem to use most on taking pictures of my cats…

  21. My best birthday gifts have been handmade things from my kids :)

  22. Best Birthday present that I ever got was My very coach purse and watch …….

  23. I would have to say my 13th birthday, when I got a Hope Chest…and then also my 19th when I got a Kindle. Both are very treasured gifts!!! :-)

  24. A Puppy when I was 8

  25. A trip to Vegas last year was my best B-day present

  26. When I was given a surprise impromptu weekend trip for my birthday.

  27. This year I got life. I beat cancer and found out it was gone right before my birthday. So I say that is pretty good for a birthday…

  28. I love my birthday puppy

  29. The best bday present I ever got was an engagement ring!

  30. The best birthday present i have ever recieved was a start up kit of scrapbooking materials, my husband bought me everything i needed to start a scrapbook about five years ago and i have been doing it ever since

  31. Was…… Homemade card from my son.

  32. I received a watch hidden in 10 boxes the day I turned 10! Under: Donna’s Deals and More.

  33. My best birthday present ever would be my smartphone

  34. trip to vegas

  35. The best gift I received was a charm with my moms picture engraved on it so I could keep her with me even though she had passed away.

  36. a puppy

  37. It would be a great addition to my hand. a diamond after all is a woman’s best friend.

  38. My best birthday present was when i was 14 and iI got a motorcycle

  39. I would have to say just spending time with my family and friends :) My bday is in 4 days so this would be a wonderfull gift :)

  40. Wicker bed room set!

  41. The best birthday present I ever received was flowers from my little boy! :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  42. The Birthday gift that was the best for me was when all my girlfriends got together and surprised me with a Beach Day!!!

  43. The best birthday gift was my first doll, I had all brothers and usually got trucks, etc.!

  44. the best birthday present i ever received, was cash!!!.but i would be soo happy to win this candle…thank you

  45. My doggie!

  46. My boyfriend drove straight from work to come spend my 21st birthday with me then went home that night it was soooo sweet!! having his company so i didn’t have to be alone was the best gift πŸ˜€

  47. Best present was a great music album that I had been wanting for some time.

  48. i got a miche purse for my birthday

  49. My puppy :)

  50. What a great giveway hope I win, best birthday was having a boy/girl party

  51. It was a giant dictionary, yes I’m a nerd :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  52. My best present ever was my now 6 year old pug Tika. My birthday is 3 days after Valentines Day so it was more of a birthday/valentines day gift.

  53. my best present i ever got was my husband…he’s a gift to me on my birthday, christmas and every day in between!

  54. Tattoos! πŸ˜‰

  55. the best present I ever got was my little baby boy

  56. a camera

  57. the best birthday present ever, was my second horse, that my parents bought me for my 17th birthday. I got to pick him out when he was three days old!

  58. hmm best bday present would be… dinner and a movie with my honey. he was military at the time and we spent a lot of time apart, months at a time, so spending the day with him was awesome!

  59. my darling husband put togther, with the help of some dear friends , a 50th birthday surprise happy hour a couple of years ago..i was so surprised and so up-lifted..the memory still makes me smile..and just so you know 50 is nifty!!

  60. Hmm.. best birthday gift. My graphics tablet and Photoshop. :)

  61. I honestly don’t remember – I’ve had a lot of odd things given to me over the years, but I have a feeling it probably involves my husband’s amazing cooking!

  62. When my husband told me that we could have another baby!

  63. A puppy!!!!

  64. The gift of my family and friends, decent health, life and love from many!!

  65. a little bit late… but my 2nd daughter πŸ˜‰

  66. A pair or heart shaped gold earrings my love picked out for me all by his self

  67. Tickets to see George Carlin RIP <3

  68. a suprise party my husband and daughter gave me

  69. I found this giveaway through Donnas Deals and More. The best birthday present i ever got was probably a snow globe from my daughter!

  70. The first season of Are You Afraid of the Dark on DVD.

  71. Finding out I was going to be a first time grandma.

  72. I honestly don’t have one(or one that I can remember, lol)

  73. a trip with my best friend to random places my mom took us.

  74. Flowers, card, and jewelry!!

  75. I like the gifts that I get because I tell people what I want. My husband was gone one year for my birthday and having him the year after for my birthday was the best gift I could ever have and having my son who is almost 2 now with me too.

  76. I can’t pick just one!

  77. Tabby Caron says:

    best gift I got was a surprise 40th party with friends that had reunited from over 20 yrs ago, was really cool to have a B-day/ reunion all in 1

  78. My best birthday gift was my husband coming back from Iraq!!! It was a blessing!!



  80. The best gift ever was when my daughter had made me a card. She had put such thought into her words. The drawings were beautiful. I had gotten a one of a kind gift. It was so amazing.

  81. The best birthday present was finding out I was pregnant with my first son!

  82. I found this giveaway from Donna’s Deals and more

  83. The best Birthday present I have ever revieved was 3 years ago when my husband bought me a vintage 1972 Shasta camper! :)

  84. last year I saw a ring I fell in love with and my husband bought it for me for my birthday, best birthday gift!

  85. spa day

  86. A clean house that I didn’t clean! A night out with my husband and NO kiddies! Only in my dreams!!!

  87. Having my husband and step-daughter to share my birthday’s with and going out to eat wherever I want to

  88. Homemade birdhouse and candle from my kids!

  89. My husband took me out to dinner without the kids!

  90. best present would have to be my laptop:) its got me through alot

  91. a new bed


  93. A hot stone set!

  94. Best birthday gift was a new car from my parents.

  95. Best birthday present was a ring!

  96. my first child was born 2 weeks before my 19th birthday xD

  97. my birthday last month was the best one ever! my friends from school got together and had a little party for me. I knew there was going to be a party, but I didn’t know the details until I got there. it was small and fun, definitely the best birthday present ever!

  98. I love candles

  99. Last year my boyfriend bought me a kitten that I was begging for. She is 1 now and we love her so much :)

  100. Dinner and a movie with my husband.

  101. Best gift ever is having a me day. Every year it gets better and better. This year it was me day with my husband and two kids.

  102. We went on little mini vacation to waterpark and I got to spend it with my family

  103. To be honest I cant tell you the last time I got something for my birthday, it is after Christmas so I get cheated.

  104. in 6th grade, I really wanted a purple suede jacket. My mom told me I couldn’t have it, but my grandma bought it for me and surprised me with it :)

  105. My favorite birthday present was on my 13th birthday(im 27). My gram passed away right before it, I was devastated… I Loved my gram so much, My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her for my gram to be there (we always had our parties at her house with just the family.. ALOT of family). On my birthday my mom gave me 2 cards… One was from her and one from my gram, signed exactly like she would of signed it… Best present ever!! I Love my momma <3

  106. I can’t pick just one.

  107. My best birthday present was my son :) … He was born a week before my birthday!

  108. Tickets to the Monkees concert last year.

  109. My best birthday present was a diamond ring from my husband after 30 years of marriage. It took him long enough but he finally managed to get me a diamond after all those years.

  110. The best birthday gift would have to be my husband and 4 girls made me a cake and breakfast in bed with cute little notes and they even did the dishes after.

  111. a dozen calla lillies and an engagement ring

  112. the best was a candle my brother had made for me over 20yrs ago- its a wizard complete with crystal ball -awesome details..still sits unburned today..

  113. Wow, when you reach my age, after having sooooo many birthday’s, it is hard to pick the “best ever”. I have had so many wonderful ones, probably something that one of my wonderful kids made for me. It is also hard, to remember each thing, when one is old and senile. Oh yeah, my birthday (59) is tomorrow!!!

  114. my favorite birthday present was a trip to disneyworld

  115. Super Nintendo :0)

  116. Sue Cooper says:

    Just having all the family together and going out to eat!! The worse birthday present was a electric knife my husband gave me for my 1st birthday we were married!! That’s why he now an ex!!! :~)

  117. Flowers, balloons, a teddy bear and chocolate. I know it sounds like a valentine’s day present but that is what my husband bought me for my birthday the first time

  118. When I was little I think 8th birthday it fell on an Easter Sunday birthday is April 9th, and besides a basket from the Easter Bunny I also got a baby duck and we had that duck forever, it would follow us around the yard all the time and chase us LOL Robin Henry

  119. Omigosh, my favorite all-time present was my red “chopper’ bike with the black banana seat–I was 9 and it was the first brand-new bike I ever had (one of the youngest of 7 kids). I still remember how excited and happy I felt :)

  120. best belated birthday present ever was the birth of my youngest daughter 3 days after my birthday :)

  121. My ideal birthday present – which I get almost every year now – is time to myself, to do whatever I want. The past two years that has included going for a ride on my Ninja, something that I have a hard time finding time to do (four kids!! LOL).

  122. this past b-day I got a new wardrobe which fit my newly fit body I have worked so hard on

  123. My 8 year old son gave me a ziplock baggie that looked empty, but he said it held all his love.

  124. my best persent would be anything from my kids!

  125. Getting flowers from my daughter!

  126. the best birthday present was my mother ring

  127. This year my husband had a surprise party for me.

  128. Can’t actually say a favourite one. I don’t have anything that stands out in my mind…

  129. My best birthday present was my husband picked me up for lunch and we went to get our marriage license.

  130. The best Birthday present I ever got was on my 17th birthday…it was early but I did not care. I got a 65 Mustang…it was 1977 but I did not care that was one cool car and I got to drive it to school my senior year…was that cool or what ….

  131. I can’t think of just one I think I got concert tickets for my birthday one year

  132. Best present ever tickets to a San Francisco Giants game go Giants!!!

  133. I guess when I was younger and got my first bike.

  134. Last year my husband and kids got me a very cute Marilyn Monroe picture and each one made me a cute card.

  135. camera

  136. The best birthday present I ever got was the proposal from my husband on the evening of my 32nd birthday!

  137. My best birthday gift was a Strawberry Shortcake bike

  138. A diamond ring and a party for my 16th birthday.

  139. My kids telling me they love me and snuggling with me.

  140. none they have all sucked

  141. my best birthday present was a giftcard for a massage

  142. My son and daughter colored a pic for my B-day last year

  143. The best birthday gift I ever received was the jungle gym I had when I was little.

  144. My son was 11 months old – we were home n I was sitting on the floor. He was crawling around, then pulled himself up on a chair…. then out of no where he let go of the chair and walked to me (I didn’t call him). I’m weepy just thinking about it he’s 17 now…. now I want to weep about that too.

  145. My young daughters threw me a surprise birthday party. It was the best birthday present and party that I have ever had.

  146. When I was 16 my dad showed up at my party. This was a HUGE surprise because he had cancer and told me he couldnt make it due to treatment.

  147. My fav. birthday present is a charm bracelet from my current boyfriend :3 It has a owl and a small heart

  148. A bike when I was a kid.

  149. I am still waiting…my birthday is in a couple weeks, maybe this year i will get something unforgettable…but probably not, I don’t usually get gifts, I would be happy with a piece of cake with a candle in it…perhaps a diamond candle :)

  150. The best birthday present was this year. My hubby bought me a new fishing pole!!

  151. The best birthday present ever was when my husband sang ‘Amanda’ by Don Williams to me at my bday party and then got down on one knee and proposed over the microphone, with a room full of 50+ people. It was amazing! Love him! Thank you for the giveaway!

  152. The best birthday present I ever received was a beautiful necklace from my husband, white gold, looks like stars shooting over a waterfall. I love that necklace.

  153. a diamond ring from my bf!

  154. I have gotten so many wonderful things over the years but the last was a wonderful (and unexpected) purchase of a property in Florida …. for future retirement

  155. my dog – best present ever

  156. The best birthday present I ever received was getting to celebrate one more birthday with my mom before she passed away suddenly at the age of 60. I had just turned 30 and my parents came over to celebrate. I am grateful for that. My mom was my best friend.

  157. The best birtday present i ever got was bone marrow from my brother on my 50th birthday

  158. Divorce papers from my second husband!

  159. The best present I have ever received is a picture that my little 19 month old son scribbled for me, lol. It was scribbles with all kinds of different colors, him and his daddy handed it to me. I am going to keep that picture forever and ever, it was the most special present I have ever received. I am such a blessed mommy :). Also, thanks so much for the giveaway, super excited.

  160. I enjoyed many gifts as a child, but now it’s always just money! But that works, I like it! :)

  161. The best birthday present I ever got and received, was to have all my family around me at once.

  162. My best birthday present was a surprise party with a joke stripper ( an older friend in overall shorts with a bra on his head and womens undies over his shorts!). It was so much fun!!

  163. My best present was my family visiting me during my stay abroad in Italy!

  164. Best birthday gift I received was my tablet.

  165. Donna’s Deals and More is the blog!! Thanks!!

  166. spending time with my family!


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