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  1. K H
    Jul 16 - 00:08

    Want to try those TeethingTablets!

  2. Deb SAge
    Jul 16 - 00:19

    I’d love to try the “Hylands Defend Cough & Cold” night time as I’m a strong believer in other products I’ve tried for my grand kids, but this is 1 new to me/haven’t seen yet!

  3. nakia
    Jul 18 - 15:20

    Love the tablets

  4. Lara Raymond
    Jul 19 - 14:14

    Been using these Tablets and ONLY these tablets for our (3) kids for 8+ years.
    I refer all my friends and family to Hyland’s site for products and especially the
    Pain Free teething tablets for our kiddos.
    We could not live without these. Why numb your kids mouth/tongue when you
    can just give them a few tablets and the are Happy Happy Kids.
    Love Love Love you guys!
    The Raymond Family

  5. dan williams
    Jul 20 - 14:14

    twitted this today, 20/7

  6. karen h
    Jul 23 - 00:22

    Their teething products

  7. Alyssa
    Jul 25 - 15:36

    I’d like the Bumps n’ Bruises!

  8. The Teething Tablets my poor granddaughter is going through an aweful time with her teeth coming in and unfortunately the things I remember using on my children just don’t seem to work. I don’t remember it being this bad when my kids were young.

  9. Peggy Sue Chaves
    Jul 27 - 01:25

    Musle Therapy Gel with Arnica

  10. emily r
    Jul 30 - 18:03

    Hyland’s Allergy Relief 4Kids

  11. Chandra Guill
    Jul 30 - 18:03

    I would like to try the Teething Tablets!

  12. Heather R
    Jul 30 - 21:33

    I would like to try the Hyland’s Hives

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