Win FREE Bounce for a Year!

Welcome to the 7 hour “BOUNCE” sponsored by a great group of bloggers and hosted by Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom & Coupon Nurse! I am excited to bring you this fast and furious path to not buying fabric softener for an entire year! Yep, that will be one thing that ONE LUCKY WINNER will be able to mark off their shopping list for an entire year. All you have to do is enter the super simple Rafflecopter below and check your email tomorrow to see if you won! Good luck!

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    HAHA NEVER get them all done and all of a sudden bf puts colors when last load was white in the basket so it stays there until next time

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    Wait…laundry baskets have BOTTOMS?!?! LOL I can honestly say that I saw the bottom of ONE of our twelve laundry baskets just last week – but only because it was being used to store books. LOL We rarely put clothes away and usually end up just picking something out of a basket; so when dirty clothes pile up, we wash them then they get sorted into laundry baskets but don’t progress from there to dressers or closets.

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