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Welcome to the 7 hour “BOUNCE” sponsored by a great group of bloggers and hosted by Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom & Coupon Nurse! I am excited to bring you this fast and furious path to not buying fabric softener for an entire year! Yep, that will be one thing that ONE LUCKY WINNER will be able to mark off their shopping list for an entire year. All you have to do is enter the super simple Rafflecopter below and check your email tomorrow to see if you won! Good luck!

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  1. when I was in high school :(

  2. last time i read a book cover to cover was just a couple months ago. Reading at lunch time every day.

  3. Saw the bottom today actually but didn’t last a minute. As soon as I get basket empty my 8 kids have it full again..


  5. before the kids were born.

  6. Right before I fulled it up again. lol The more I wash the more gets dirty

    Thanks for the great giveaway I could really use this one :)

  7. I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw the bottom…….It always seems to have something in it!

  8. A few weeks ago! LOL

  9. I saw my laundry basket bottom today… one word… GROSS! Time to scrub it or replace it!

  10. was last weekend it was empty for about 6 hr

  11. Once I see the bottom of my laundry basket, I am filling it up again at the same time.

  12. Forever, ago!

  13. I saw it yesterday

  14. before the kids were born.

  15. Longer than I can remember.

  16. a long time age

  17. Thankfully yesterday!

  18. Before I had my boys!!!!

  19. Hmmm…I saw the bottom of the basket about a week ago.

  20. I saw it before I left my boyfriend’s house at the end of June there is no way its clean now!!

  21. I see mine weekly!

  22. Honestly, I can’t even remember!

  23. I always see the bottom because I do not like dirty laundry! 😉

  24. Today!! Thank You..

  25. the last time I seen the bottom was 8 years ago, before I had any kids :)

  26. Seen the bottom of mine today! 😀 Almost out of my bounce bar though :(

  27. never.

  28. never

  29. When i got married

  30. I am thinking last September before I started babysitting my grandson! There are always dirty bibs, wash clothes, blankets, burp clothes, etc in there.

  31. This afternoon :)

  32. Having 10 kids and a husband our laundry basket has no end…

  33. This afternoon was the last time I saw it :)

  34. When i got marrird

  35. I seen mine on Friday 13, 2012 lol

  36. A couple times a week but it doesn’t last.

  37. when i purchased the basket ….lol

  38. Saw the bottom of a laundry basket today! Problem is we have more than 1… :(

  39. Every weekend for one day, then it starts all over again!

  40. A few days ago….but it only lasted a few hours.

  41. What’s the bottom of the laundry basket???? I cannot remember the last time.

  42. Wait…laundry baskets have BOTTOMS?!?! LOL I can honestly say that I saw the bottom of ONE of our twelve laundry baskets just last week – but only because it was being used to store books. LOL We rarely put clothes away and usually end up just picking something out of a basket; so when dirty clothes pile up, we wash them then they get sorted into laundry baskets but don’t progress from there to dressers or closets.

  43. lol does my laundry basket have a bottom?

  44. Day before yesterday:)) thank y’all

  45. today thank goodness

  46. HAHA NEVER get them all done and all of a sudden bf puts colors when last load was white in the basket so it stays there until next time

  47. Which basket? I have several…But not in awhile for all of them…

  48. You mean there is a bottom?!

  49. Actually I love doing Laundry. washing and drying and folding. Do not like putting it away though lol :)

  50. Neverending and there’s nothing we can do about it. Like the dishes…….

  51. Tiffany Frye Hren says:

    Last week :(

  52. a couple of weeks ago

  53. That’s a good question… It’s been a few weeks!!

  54. Missed the giveeaway :( but I sure will keep my eyes out for ones like this.