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  1. Brenda Michelz
    Jul 08 - 00:07

    I would use it cause I need some sexy nighties!!!

  2. Brandi Paris
    Jul 11 - 06:55

    I would use it to treat myself!!! I would really like to add something new to my collection of sexy nighties!!!

  3. Caitlin Villasenor
    Jul 13 - 01:01

    I would love to use it for me! Its a huge weight loss motivator and I think it would be a great gift after results :)

  4. Rachel Buntyn
    Jul 13 - 01:08

    I would definitely use it for myself for my hubby! We have 4 young children…and we don’t have a lot of time, but when we do…I like to wear something sexy!Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Crystal
    Jul 13 - 01:17

    I’d use it for myself, I loooove lingerie!

  6. Alexandra Roach
    Jul 14 - 01:19

    I need it because my underwear is all black and white

  7. Susan King
    Jul 14 - 18:28

    I’d give it away.

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