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Yes, here is another chance to win a Diamond Candle!

Mom Powered Media wants to celebrate!

Everyone loves Diamond Candles so we decided to give another one away!

Come and enter now for your chance at one of these wonderful smelling soy-candles!

A surprise treasure in every candle of a $10, $100, $1000 or $5000 valued ring!

Ends July 11th @ 11:59pm EST – US Only

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    I love candles and would be so happy to own one of thsee candles of any scent!. My husband can’t really smell very well so no funny story here…but I love my sweet husband and I love candles!

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    One day my husband and I were at home cleaning the house and organizing the rooms and such. I had a strawberry candle burning on the kitchen table and let me add that the scent was just amazing. I ran out of paper towels to clean with so I told my husband to blow the candle out so he could head out to town with me. Well needless to say, he forgot to blow the candle out. When we arrived home he was the first one inside of the house while I was getting a bag out of the car. My husband met me at the front door and was acting kind of strange, and I said hunny what is wrong? He just looked at me and smiled and said nothing babe. When I walked in the house, I smelled something that smelled burned, but he insisted he didn’t smell a thing. I walked inside of the kitchen and noticed that my candle was gone and sitting in the place where the candle had been was this very ugly pot of fake flowers that had been won at a baby shower, lol. I said hun why are those in the middle of the table, I thought you hated them. He said that he thought it added a bright vibe to the room. That night I made dinner and I was placing the food out on the table and I went to move the flowers and my husband dives out from the living room and quickly holds the flowers in place. I stopped and looked at him like he was crazy and he said he didn’t want the flowers moved because he loved them there. Well at that point I knew something was up, my husband is not a flower or decorative man, lol. I managed to get his death grip off of the flowers and I moved them, underneath the flowers set a big black round burned circle. I gasped and said hun what happened, and he told me about how he forgot to blow the candle out before we had went to town. He told me how he was afraid to tell me that he had forgotten and he thought I would be very upset with him and he didn’t want to lose me. I gave him a hug and kiss and told him I wasn’t mad at all. I thought it was funny and sweet at the lengths he went to so that I wouldn’t see the burn mark, lol. We also ended up getting rid of those ugly flowers, and now every time we talk about this story, we both just die laughing. I have such a sweet and funny husband. Thanks for the giveaway :).

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    I have 3 cats and one of them is special needs so whenever I light a candle a have to keep an eye on it because my special guy doesn’t get that the candle is hot and will just keep sticking his head in the jar burning all his hair off.

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    I love how burning a candle during the day makes my house smell wonderful. I have two sweet ferrets who live in my living room ((and don’t smell as bad as you would think they would)) but burning a candle makes it so that you wouldn’t even know I had any pets if you didn’t see them! I really want to try Pecan Pie or Cinnamon Tea next. My first DC was Cupcake and it smelled so yummy!

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    I have always light candles around the house and in the garden,and yard,it just a me thing. My husband loves certain scents so,that now our children try to out do each other on Holidays to find the perfect scent for their dad. It has become a family tradition with all five kids the DAD CANDLE.

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    Anything would be Awesome,But if i must say Coconut or Vanilla…Dear God i’m hopeing i can win one!! I’d be so Excited and happy!!!Since we lost our Business i’m not doing very good.Last week i had a little Stroke,My Husband found me on the kitchen floor.I hit my eye and nose on a carton of Pepsi..Just venting..sorry Donna!!

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    I don’t really have a candle story except that I’m a Scentsy Consultant who loves Diamond Candles but I do have a candle tip! For allergies use a mint & eucalyptus scented candle (or bar) & pure Eucalyptus for headaches & migraines. I get chronic migraines & even when my medicine fails, Eucalyptus always helps. I have a ton of it! lol

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    My boyfriend was with me in the candle store in the mall (not sure if I can say the brand), and they have a new line of candles for men. Well, I think one of them was called “Man Town”, so my boyfriend, being funny, picked it up like he was a spokesman in a commercial. He holds up the candle and says, in the spokesman voice, “When you really need a man, light up a Man Town.” Well, it was just so silly, I cracked-up and the salesgirl heard it and she started laughing too…teach me to take him candle-shopping :-)

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    OMG!! This would be Awesme to win a Diamond Candle!! I think there so Cool…But i need to win one!! My Daughters 30th is comming up and She Loves candles too!! I guess the Apple don’t fall to far from the tree!!! Lol..

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    My son just had his 3rd birthday recently and this time we were able to actually teach him how to blow out the candles on his cake. It was great, but now everytime I go to light any votives or other candles he will stand as close as he can (which the candles are always out of his reach obviously) trying to blow them out..he gets so frustrated because they just won’t go out, and believe me he tries so hard!! Its the cutest thing!!!

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    Well.I remember when we lost our Power for Days frm the storm IRENE!! I lit every candle we had,Which i really LOVE Candles,I had 28 lit and it Smelled like a Candy store,Fruit Shop,And Incence store!! My Hubbie and i just looked at each other ad started laughing s hard we were crying,and i couldn’t breath.We had to go in different rooms to stop cracking up!! But i could still hear Him..We must have giggledfor 2 hours,Then we blew them all out and it was so smoky our eye’s burned.From one thing to another.But i must say”That night we became closer than ever!! I was thankfull for that night,And We’ll Never,Ever,Forget the name IRENE.. :) :) *******

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    Not so sure about funny but I am WELL known for leaving candles on all night as we sleep or in the bathroom all day when we are not even home. I’m surprised that my husband has not banned candles from the house:)

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    I don’t really have a funny story about candles but I love how they make the whole room smell good. The ambiance is so nice, too.

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    My late husband was the biggest candle fan. I loved the scents and he loved to burn them to make it stronger. I collected candles for decor. He used all mine after we got married. Burned one everynight. Before Christmas I bought a few new ones and thought he said I could give one as a housewarming gift (dinner party) and he was hurt I gave one of “his” candles away. So I went and bought him two to replace it.

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