The Importance of Home Cooked Meals

Let’s face it, the majority of us are short on time.  There are days when I’ve worked all day, cleaned, played with the munchkins, etc that the last thing I want to do is cook.  It’s so much easier to go somewhere, order in, or pop it in the microwave.  The problem is that I’m trading convenience for bad health habits.  Being on my diet has reminded me of the importance of  home cooked meals.  Not only do they taste better but they are so much better for you!  Cooking meals is also great if you have food allergies (like we do here) because you can control what goes into the food.  Have you ever really read the back of a microwaveable meal?  Or thought about what was in fast food?  Food processing is any deliberate change in a food that occurs before it’s available for us to eat. It can be as simple as freezing or drying food to preserve nutrients and freshness, or as complex as formulating a frozen meal with the right balance of nutrients and ingredients.  I have come to really appreciate farmers markets and butchers.  I love knowing what I am putting into my food.  I think that the fresh veggies taste better too!  I don’t know about you, but I’m returning my “convenience” and taking back my health!


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    Great post. I make as much of my food from scratch as I can. Fortunately, I have the time to do so. It also saves money, I might add 😉 So much healthier, so much better tasting!

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