Diamond Candle and Cook’n Gvieaway

Here is another chance to win a Diamond Candle and a copy of Cook’n software! Welcome to the Cook’n & Diamond Candle Giveaway! 
5 winners will receive a copy of Cook’n software and a Diamond Candle of your choice!

Cook’n has added over 50 new features to their recipe organizer software recently and want to do this awesome giveaway to celebrate! If you aren’t familiar with Cook’n, it is the number 1 selling recipe organizer with over 3 million copies sold. The software is amazing and can do so many cool tricks! You can read more about it HERE or watch this quick 2 minute video highlighting some of it’s features!

Neat, right…now I want to tell you about the new features! 

50 Improvements in the last 4 months (these are just a few!)

  • Launches Twice as FAST (see video demo)
  • Capture Internet Recipes 17 Times FASTER!
  • New Bookshelf View Loads in Less Than 1 Second!
  • Capture Recipes From 100 Top Websites with One-Click!
  • New, Easier Recipe Entry Window
  • FAST Cookbook Printing (50 Times FASTER!)
  • New Preferences Dialog Gives More User Control on how you use Cook’n
  • MAC Printing and Other Enhancements

If you already have Cook’n version 10, then this upgrade is free! Just start up your Cook’n and it will update itself! If you don’t have Cook’n, you can buy this awesome recipe software here! Perhaps my favorite part of Cook’n is their 200% Guarantee: “If you are not completely satisfied with Cook’n, I will not only refund your purchase, I will go one step farther and buy you the recipe software product of your choice. So, try Cook’n today!” -Dan Oaks-President Wow! What an awesome guarantee! You really have nothing to lose! 

Cook’n and I have teamed up with Give oh Giveaway, I Love My Kids, and a few other awesome bloggers to share with you this incredible giveaway! This giveaway is open world wide and ends on July 10th at 11:59 pm. FIVE different winners will receive a copy of the latest version of Cook’n & a Diamond Candle of choice.  Diamond Candles are soy candles with amazing scents and hidden inside is a ring valued anywhere from $10-$5,000! 

Now that you know the prizes, you can enter on the rafflecopter form below. If you are not familiar with rafflecopter giveaways read this awesome tutorial here. You can share this giveaway daily on Facebook & Twitter to get extra entries….so don’t forget to check back each day to claim those! Finally, to get 25 extra entries (on the rafflecopter form) we ask that you like ALL 24 of the participating bloggers to claim those entries. Every blogger listed runs giveaways frequently and shares money savings tips or interesting blog posts. If in a week your news feed is feeling a little clogged, please don’t unlike the page simply right click on that post and hide the notifications from your news feed. We rely on fans to get awesome products to giveaway to you…so your like is important to us! But the choice is yours, do as many or as few entries as you’d like! The more you do the better your odds! Winners will be randomly selected and emailed and have 24 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen. Thanks! 

GOOD LUCK! Go enter now! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation for sharing this giveaway, I just like to share awesome giveaways with you. Cook’n is responsible for prize fulfillment. Thanks for being a fan and GOOD LUCK! 



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  1. want to win

  2. I look them up on the computer or the cook book.

  3. I really don’t. The only recipes I use regularly I either know or call my mom

  4. Honestly all my recipes are in my head. If needed to i can write them down.

  5. I just make what’s in a box or have my hubby cook.

  6. I have a binder specifically designed for recipe cards so if I find one I like I write it down and stick it in there so I don’t lose it.

  7. i use a binder..makes it easy :)

  8. In a drawer. LOL

  9. A recipe box

  10. Reciipe boxes.

  11. Binder, recipe box, a few books w/ post-its marking faves and Pinterest!

  12. I put my recipes in a recipe folder in the file cabinet.

  13. i would love to have all of the candles

  14. I have two binders full of recipes :)

  15. I don’t

  16. I keep them in a binder and a folder

  17. WOW,I was the 200th Tweeter..I’m just sayin..I was never an even number before!! I’d Luv one of these Diamond Candles!! I never seen them before!! Thanx Donna’s Deals and More!!


  19. I put them in binders but the binder is not sectioned or organized.

  20. I have all my recipes on index cards in a box. I have lots of cookbooks too.

  21. I have them in a book, on a shelf, on my desk, kitchen table – oops easier to just say everywhere.

  22. In a file on my computer.

  23. Mimy Shop says:

    In my computer

  24. In my computer…

  25. yes i always organize my recipies

  26. This Is Great

  27. I organize my recipes on my computer. :)

  28. Um…..I don’t! Wouldn’t even know how to start!

  29. I have most of mine printed out and put in binders. I’ve also started to use pinterest to keep track of them.

  30. All crammed into a folder in the file cabinet

  31. I add my recipes to little cards and tape them in the cook book where ever I find a space.

  32. I use Microsoft Word and organize with File Folders

  33. I put them together in a plastic cntainer (:


  35. I keep them organized in my grandmas recipe boxes

  36. I keep them taped to my cabenets

  37. I do have a box,but i’m very un organized,because i’ve been Disabled for the past 14 years.I can’t find anything anymore!! I have over 16 Diseases and 2 are Brain Diseases,And i just found out i hae MS.I can’t drive anymore either because i’ve had 22 TIAs which are small strokes,and i pass out with no warning.I’m just telling you this so maybe you’ll understand why i Luv doing your giveaways.But i guess winning is so hard to do..I’d Luv this Candle and Cookbook so bad.Thank You for this Wonderful chance Donna’s Deas and More!!! Marilee

  38. I don’t have them organized which is the problem. :)

  39. i keep them in a file folder box

  40. In my receipts box!!!

  41. I organize my recipes on my iPad.

  42. In a big folder….I need a better system :(

  43. In a binder and on the computer.

  44. I have a bookcase just for cookbooks

  45. In a recipe box and I have numerous cook books.

  46. Organize? Recipes? Well, I have cookbooks so that helps a little bit, but if it’s a non-cookbook recipe it goes in one of seven different places, so I’m not really organized right now and I’d love to try this software.

  47. i store them in my word docs file in my pc

  48. I save it on my iPad or save the recipes onto the computer.

  49. I have a small drawer where I keep the cream of the crop, but the rest of my recipes are only stored in my head.

  50. This has to be the BEST giveaway by far!!!

  51. I write the recipes in my diary :)

  52. I organize my recipes using an android app on my tablet.

  53. I usually look for a recipe online then will doctor up according to my tatses or current whim.

  54. I have kraft cooking magazines and I look for anything I need on internet…

  55. I don’t organize them.

  56. I currently have two cookbooks that I use and I call people when I need a recipe that I like… Not a very good system!

  57. I use a coupon box.

  58. no

  59. I hang current ones I’m using on the side of the fridge with a magnet…but that’s the extent of organizing. I have recipes stashed everywhere.

  60. All of my recipes are handed down and taught to us, so they are all in my memory! I do find new recipes online and print them out and hang them on my fridge until I memorize them or change them up to how I like it :)

  61. I keep my recipes in a binder.

  62. Most are in 3 ring binders =)

  63. a binder

  64. I don’t organize my recipes, I just hope I memorize them or where they are currently

  65. I have big note book where I write them!

  66. I get a lot of recipes on-line. I need to print them and organize them lol

  67. All of my recipes are on my computer. I need to get a recipe binder.

  68. I use a box and they are all stuffed in there along with being stuffed inside a cook book I use all the time.

  69. Well, I’m afraid that I don’t often use recipes…but I might if I had this tool :o)

  70. I organize them by type of dish (i.e. dinners, sides, desserts, breakfast, appetizers, etc.) and in my favorite recipe basket from Longaberger 😀

  71. i hope i win!

  72. I Would LOVE To Win :)

  73. I would love to win… I love soy candles.. thank you for the chance

  74. Currently right now, I am using a trapper keeper. Yes, people stare at me all the time when we are at the store but, you know what I am saving and that’s all that matters.

  75. I have a whole bookshelf.

  76. I have them somewhat organized.

  77. Diane Grimes says:

    Organize? Not so you could tell -they are in drawers, in cookbooks, in gallon plastic bags!

  78. a binder for ones out of magazines and card holders for the others

  79. I have a folder w/ the ones I use the most&a notebook for the rest.

  80. I print them out and store them in an alphabetically ordered binder =)

  81. I tried doing the share on facebook thing twice after i already hit enter and it isn’t letting me post to my facebook wall today. It keeps telling me I did something wrong :( but I already hit the “do it” link on the raffle because it has wirked every time for me. I will keep trying, but you might have to take away my 3 entry points for today.

  82. I have the top of my fridge covered in recipe books, and a little note card box full of my most used recipes and a draw of recipes i want to try. So its really and organized mess.

  83. I put them all in a drawer for right now. I do really need to find a way to organize all mine. I don’t have a mother that has passed down any recipes so I’m all on my own. This however sounds like a really good book to have. Thank you for giving me a chance to win these prizes

  84. By index cards and a card file

  85. I keep my recipes online

  86. On Cards

  87. I have a nice little box for my favorite recipes and a big canvas bag full of all my grandma’s and mom’s recipe books.

  88. If there not in my head, some actually make it into a binder!

  89. I only use about 5 different recipes, and I remember which cookbooks they are in. :)

  90. In a binder organized into different types

  91. In a recipe box

  92. I organize my recipes on my tablet but still have a bunch of paper ones just in a notebook

  93. sad to say wish I did

  94. I have a basket on the top of my fridge that I keep them

  95. I actually just keep them on my computer for easy access. :)

  96. I keep them on my computer

  97. They are in a box with dividers.

  98. Some are in my laptop, some are in a folder, some are in a recipe box…some are here some are there. LOL

  99. I keep them in a box.

  100. I organize everything on my computer, everything is digital now.

  101. Organize my recipe??? People do that!! LOL Well the ones I like or use the most are in front, thats about the extent of it!

  102. I currently organize my recipes via Pinterest 😀

  103. Notebook… but not everything is in the notebook…..

  104. In a recipe book/binder.

  105. Generally I print them & put them in my Betty Crocker cookbook, but recently I just look up the recipes I don’t have on the internet

  106. I have a binder of them…though it’s truly a mess!

  107. I organize recipes in my head and on my blog.

  108. on my computer

  109. i made myself a recipe box :)

  110. Old school! They are all in a file box, but not organized.

  111. Organize??? Does having a shelf of cookbooks and a file folder stuffed with recipes on that shelf count as organization?

  112. I keep them in a folder.

  113. Does keeping them all on one shelf count as organization?

  114. I keep them all in my kitchen’s drawer. makes it easy!.. :)

  115. I don’t! lol :)

  116. I don’t really have an organization plan. They all go in a stack in a drawer.

  117. Online and in a recipe box.

  118. Me? Organize my recipes? hahahahaha. I have them in drawers, boxes, and i do have one index file that keeps all the special recipes i have gotten from my mom and grandma.

  119. I don’t!

  120. I don’t have any recipes

  121. Lol, I have no recipies at all, so this would be very useful to me! 😉

  122. pinterest:)

  123. i have an old china cabinet and i have more cookbooks and recipes in it than i do china. I have recipes boxes that i have label such as casseroles, cakes, cookies, desserts, chicken, pork, beef and etc. All my family members like this because when they want a recipe they will come and just copy them some. Now that i am older. I have alot that is just stuffed in the drawer’s

  124. Mine r in a binder!

  125. i have no organization

  126. i have my recipe box.. :0

  127. EEK I dont and I lose them all the time

  128. organized. are you kidding? tear them out of magazines, but stack them and never go back.

  129. hope to win.. this is for my Mom..
    Thank you for this nice giveaway.. :)

  130. Honestly, they are not organized.

  131. in a clear tote in folders tks for the giveaway

  132. I use a three ring binder or have a ton bookmarked on my computer

  133. WHEN I do organize them, I put them in three ring binders in sheet protectors. Until then, they are stuffed in a cabinet..

  134. Sara Cicelske says:

    My recipes are on recipe cards lose in my kitchen… Sometimes I can find them, sometimes not… :(

  135. I have a binder!!!

  136. My recipes are completely disorganized.

  137. i don’t organize them they are in my head or online llol

  138. Organized recipes, no … not really. They seem to be everywhere.

  139. I have my recipes organized in an old fashioned recipe box and I also have them in a document on the computer so they are easy to print out and share.. I totally want this software though!!

  140. I usually just keep them in an old recipe book

  141. Thank you for the give a ways. Good Luck to everyone.

  142. I keep them in a recipe box.

  143. i keep them in a index box

  144. I have a recipe box.

  145. I spend a lot of time looking up recipes. I have been wanting to organize them but for some reason I have not.

  146. Some in a recipe box, some loose ones stuck in a notebook and some on the computer.

  147. My current recipe organization involves printing out favored recipes on note cards and keeping them filed in a box. Even with them categorized, it can take five or ten minutes to find the right one.

  148. I have them bookmarked on my laptop.

  149. I put them in a Tin

  150. Love this

  151. i have recipe box an book

  152. I just use excel…super boring

  153. I use a binder….

  154. Unfortunately I don’t have an organization system for my recipes… This would be fabulous to aid me in getting organized! :)

  155. teresa hutchingson says:

    they are in my kitchen on the right side of my stove second drawer

  156. I’m excited!! I hope I win!!

  157. Organized? What’s that? Unfortunately, there is no organization being rocked by my recipes…

  158. recipes are in cookbooks mostly, I have a few loose recipes saved on my pc.

  159. Recipe box….The old fashioned way!

  160. I put mine inn Microsoft Word in their own folder.

  161. I love to transfer my grandmas old handwritten recipes to type pc recipe scrap books.

  162. I have a recipe book from Hallmark that I keep my recipes in.

  163. I have post it notes stuck to my cabinets around my stove…

  164. organize recipes? uh not me… they are all on scraps of paper in a drawer next to my stove. I do have to say the drawer is dedicated only to these scraps of paper and nothing else. would love to be more organized.

  165. I organize my recipes in my email, on pinterest or allrecipes.com

  166. Honestly, they are not organized. I know roughly where a particular recipe may be, but I don’t have a system down yet.

  167. Pinterest too!

  168. I save mine to a word doc. on my computer.

  169. I just memorize my favorite ones and use my moms old recipe holder for the ones that use a lot of ingredients (:

  170. Recipe Box

  171. I bookmarh them on my computer

  172. I use Pinterest for recipes.

  173. This is a great giveaway i would love to win cause i could use that book for my recipes….

  174. I currently don’t.. I wish I had something to organize them in! Or the time! :)

  175. I bookmark my recipes on the computer!

  176. i just make copys and stack them with my books

  177. In a recipe holder.

  178. I have a small notepad with my holiday meal recipes in it….thats about it. And i have no room to add.

  179. I use a binder!!!

  180. Right now I have a drawer beside my stove filled with them.

  181. they are all in my head .. lol not on paper so its a big fat NO

  182. Inside my cookbook cover, lol

  183. I write them down in a notebook.

  184. nicole fayard says:

    i dont lol.. theyre everywhere = ( i neeeeed to organize them though

  185. I’m so unorganized it’s not even funny!! I have great intentions!! But that don’t get it done!! I need some help here?? Thank you…

  186. On my bookshelf with cookbooks.

  187. haha… they are everywhere!

  188. All recipes are on my computer. :)

  189. I have no organization of recipes!!! That’s not entirely true but the system I have is just a bunch of pieces of copy paper or index cards crammed into a folder! I need organizational help!

  190. My recipes are usually just bookmarked on my laptop.

  191. I have a different binder for just about everything!! One for chicken, one for beef, soups, salads, cookies cakes and so on. All the ones that were handed down to me by my grandma & mom are is special boxes I made.

  192. in a little container full of index cards.

  193. Currently I save online ones to a bookmark on my toolbar.

  194. binder and plastic pockets

  195. I just google what I am looking for.

  196. I keep them in some binders, a few folders and some end up every where lol

  197. I currently organize the recipes in my recipe diary

  198. I have a recipe box on Allrecipes.com.

  199. I mainly use the internet to find recipes. I also have a notebook with recipes written down.

  200. I don’t — which is why I can never find them!

  201. We organize our recipes by writing our absolute favs from the internet and other non-cookbook sources in our heirloom recipes book.

  202. i’ve been handwriting them on index cards

  203. I usually search the internet for .

  204. photo album, notebook, and piles

  205. I have them the old fashioned way categorized and alphabetized in a file box

  206. Just keep in cookbooks

  207. i dont!

  208. I don’t organize them. I have a drawer that I put the ones I’ve printed in. I keep thinking I will put them in a binder or create a file on my computer.

  209. I currently us a binder, that is set up like a cook book

  210. currently..in my head! thats probley why it tastes different every time! i cant remember!lol

  211. i organize them in a scrapt book

  212. on my computer in a word file

  213. they are in the bottom of a drawer, inside an old cookbook.

  214. I just Google recipes

  215. Sadly, I don’t organize my recipes & have a hard time finding what I am looking for.

  216. I keep them all in a three ring binder in protector sheets. makes it easy!


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