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  1. Michelle Harrison
    Jul 02 - 00:10

    I would love to win this because my sister is pregnant and is a first time mommy hopefully I win :)

  2. jaida
    Jul 02 - 00:23

    i would give it to a friend who just had a baby and is in need of these things bad

  3. Linda McDermott
    Jul 05 - 19:06

    would really love to win

  4. Kendra
    Jul 06 - 20:34

    I would share this with my sister-in-law!

  5. Shan
    Jul 07 - 02:41

    I have a few friends with new babies. This set would be loved here for sure!!

  6. Sandra Pettry
    Jul 07 - 04:53

    What a gift to give that special someone. Hope I win.

    • Kathy Veum-Sorrow
      Jul 28 - 03:46

      My husband and I are wanting to adopt a baby, so it would be for us since I don’t have any baby furniture at all.

  7. Sarah Austin
    Jul 07 - 11:20

    I want this for my sister-in-law. But ssssshhh, I’m not suppose to know she’s going to need it. Heeheee.

  8. April W
    Jul 07 - 16:28

    My sister

  9. Pauline Milner
    Jul 08 - 01:44

    This baby collection would be a great gift for our Daugher who is expecting in September.
    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

  10. Kathryn Perkins
    Jul 12 - 11:16

    I know a close friend of mine who had her baby about the same time as me so I would share with her!

  11. Amy C
    Jul 18 - 10:04

    My SIL how is trying TTC right now!

  12. Chanelle
    Jul 18 - 10:15

    I would have to keep this wonderful collection for my newborn… and then pass down to a friend that just called me today to announce her pregnancy.

  13. Kiki Bacaro
    Jul 18 - 10:18

    In filling out the rafflecopter above, this pinterest account has been locked due to suspicious activity : SAHM of Drama Queens Inc.

    • Donna
      Jul 18 - 10:38

      Thank you for letting me know! I have let the sponsor know too! Good luck!

  14. gloria habel
    Jul 18 - 10:53

    I would share this prize with my daughter who is pregnant and is due in August. She needs everything and her man is not around, so she needs all the help she can get.

  15. Marilee Kutz
    Jul 19 - 21:18

    My new Daughter in Law!! She’s due the end of November!! And they have Nothing!! Thank you or this Wonderful Giveaway!!

  16. Andrea Padgett
    Jul 20 - 23:33

    My best friend just had a baby and I babysit him all week. I would keep the playard at my house and give her everything else.

  17. Rhonda Boell
    Jul 21 - 11:09

    My daughter would love this for my grandaughter

  18. Allison
    Jul 21 - 11:11

    Would love to win this for my daughter! Thank you for having this give away!

  19. Tracee
    Jul 21 - 18:06

    a special friend

  20. stacey r
    Jul 21 - 18:09

    i wouls share with my cousin debz who just had a baby girl

  21. Amanda C
    Jul 21 - 18:33

    I have 3 pregnant extremely close, friends. I get the highchair!!!

  22. tina m
    Jul 21 - 19:16

    My 2 cousins and myself.

    Jul 21 - 22:20

    I would give it to my sister-in-law. She just a baby on my birthday June 10, 2012. Such a precious little girl.

  24. Meredith
    Jul 22 - 13:28

    I would donate it to a needy new mom.

  25. Beth Sparr
    Jul 24 - 00:14

    I would share this with my brother and his family. They are expecting their second child in August.

  26. Lisa Sawangjang
    Jul 24 - 09:08

    My son of course, then with Sara!

  27. Jan
    Jul 26 - 08:32

    This would be for my niece, who is having my second great niece or nephew this Christmas!

  28. Angie Kissel Weightman
    Jul 28 - 03:36

    For my very first grandchild that my son and DIL have been fighting to conceive for 3 years who will grace us with her presence in November. I am on disability and could never afford to buy these things myself.

  29. Michelle B
    Jul 29 - 21:01

    I would share this with my daughter who is having her first baby in January! So excited, I can’t wait.

  30. Annie B.
    Jul 30 - 06:49

    I would use it myself so definitely with my daughter :)

  31. This would be going to my best friends wife- she literally has nothing!

  32. Cindy
    Jul 30 - 14:08

    I would share this with my best friend :)

  33. april dawn humphrey
    Jul 30 - 14:08

    my brother just had a baby girl yayyyyyyyyyyyy so i would share with him

  34. Jennifer
    Jul 30 - 14:23

    I love free stuff! Plus there are tons of people I know who would need this.

  35. Brooke Takacs Burl
    Jul 30 - 14:28

    I would share this with myself and my friend who is also having a baby !! We need everything!!

  36. Sarah
    Jul 30 - 15:56

    I would share this with my friend who just had a baby girl two months ago.

  37. Beth Jordan
    Jul 30 - 21:01

    The whole set would go to my friend who is having her first baby..I am so excited

  38. Ann V
    Jul 30 - 21:05

    I would love to win this. It would go to my sister in law who is expecting her 4th baby in Feb.

  39. Andrea Brown
    Jul 30 - 21:39

    I would give it to my bestfriend who just had a baby

  40. theresa torres
    Jul 30 - 21:43

    for my twins :)

  41. trisha newhouse
    Jul 30 - 21:46

    I wouls share it with my bff our babies are 2 mths apart :)

  42. April Nantz
    Jul 30 - 23:33

    My cousin that has a new baby and needs this stuff desperately.

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