Super Saturday Flash Giveaway


Are you ready for another Super Saturday Flash Giveaway?!?!  I know you all love those Diamond Candles!

Super Saturday Diamond Candle Flash Giveaway

Prize: See Image Above

Diamond Candle Website

Event Date: 6/23

Time 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM EST


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  1. the strawberry

  2. hawaiian coconut

  3. love vanilla but would love to try cinnamon roll or cupcake

  4. Lavender

  5. My favorite candle scent is Sweet Pea. Would love to try the Sweety Pea and Sun Washed Diamond Candles.

  6. Midnight Kiss and Dusk

  7. pomengrante lemonade

  8. coconut!!

  9. Honeysuckle is my favorite!

  10. I’ve been wanting to try DC’s for awhile, I’ve heard they smell amazing!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway

  12. I actually have 2 favorite candle scents..cucumber melon and fresh linen…both of those are so,love..

  13. I would like Apple Slice!

    Entered from…..

  14. cuddle smells great

  15. I want to try Cuddle!


  17. lavender lemon!<3<3

  18. i love any kind of “fruity” scents. Entering from Donna’s Deals. thanks for the opportunity!

  19. Hawaiian Coconut

  20. I want the cupcake!

  21. My favorite scent is Hawaiian Coconut – thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  22. Cupcake! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Tropical Retreat

  24. Hawaiian coconut

  25. i liked the strawberry thank you for the opportunity

  26. Sweet Pea

  27. I would like to try the pomegranate Lemonade!

  28. I like ocean scents

  29. Cupcake!!

  30. Cinnamon Roll!

  31. chocolate truffle

  32. Fresh Snow! But they all sound yummy! :)
    Blue Strong on FB!

  33. cuddle

  34. All of Them have not had a chance to win one so I dnt know what any of them smell like

  35. All of Them

  36. I would like Sunwash

  37. the Tropical seems like somethin i would really like.

  38. so far i have only tried strawberry bliss and it was yummy smelling

  39. cozy cabin

  40. strawberry bliss

  41. my favorite is the rose !!

  42. anything berry

  43. I love Lavender Lemon!

  44. My favorite candle scents in general are pumpkin, but I really want to try the cinnamon tea candle from Diamond Candles.

  45. strawberry bliss

  46. lavender lemon sounds great!

  47. My favorite is Carnival Candy – would love, love loveeee to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  48. Vanilla Creme is my fave!

  49. My fv scent is the coconut/pineapple. actually Love all!!

  50. Honeysuckle is one of my favorites. :)

  51. Hawaiian Coconut

  52. The Cupcake!

  53. I’d like to try the Hawaiian Coconut.

  54. Cupcake!!

  55. I’m entering from Donna’s Deals

    i haven’t tried these candles yet..hoping to get win one of these to see the hype.

  56. Lavender lemon

  57. Spiced Pumpkin

  58. Hawaiian Coconut is my favorite!

  59. I like Lavender scebt


  61. the chocolate truffle or the vanilla cream :D

  62. Hawaiian Coconut :)

  63. Hawaiian Coconut

  64. Probably strawberry or apple! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Cuddle or country cabin

  66. cupcake or carnival!, want to ttry pumpkin pie

  67. lavendar

  68. Cupcake <3

  69. i think that i would like the sweet pea or strawberry or cuddle any of them would really be nice.

  70. I like sweetpea

  71. Honey dew Melon :)

  72. My favorite scent is Pomegranate Lemon.

  73. My favorite is anything Vanilla. I have a Vanilla Cream on the way, and I do believe that one will be my favorite! So far, it’s Cupcake ;)

  74. pumpkin

  75. I really want to try Fresh Snow! OR Cozy Cabin :)

  76. Cupcake – Yum <3

  77. I want to try Carnival Candy! :-)

  78. Apple Spice!

  79. Strawberry bliss

  80. my favorite candle scent is cupcake :-)

  81. Definitely cupcake!!

  82. I like Apple Slice.

  83. nothing powdery or floraly cant wait to try these

  84. coconut

  85. Love the Strawberry!

  86. Spiced Pumpkin

  87. strawberry or cucumber melon

  88. The strawberry one.. Love the smell of strawberries.. :)

  89. My favorite candle scent has to be Pomegranate Lemon :D

  90. pomegranate lemonade

  91. honeysuckle :) mmm smells good!

  92. anything with vanilla in it, i love all things vanilla.

  93. Donna’s

    deals and More

  94. Id like to try the cupcake

  95. carnival candy

  96. i would love lavender lemon please

  97. cucmber melon

  98. My favorite candle sent is pomegranate :)

  99. I want to try apple spice :)

  100. I just submitted 3 entries from not sure where I submitted the others from, carmen’s coupon blog I think

  101. vanessa richard says:

    i would say Hawaiian cocoanut

  102. I would like to have Hawaiian Coconut

  103. Hawaiian Coconut

  104. Apple Cinnamon.

  105. Tropical scent or fresh breeze, i can almost smell it

  106. hawaiian coconut

  107. I like black cherry or strawberries

  108. Tropical Retreat

  109. Hawaiian Coconut!

  110. anything tropical!!

  111. So far Gingerbread Latte, but I’m dying to try Pomegranate Lemonade or Midnight Kiss or all of them really!

  112. Midnight Kiss

  113. Strawberry!

  114. Cupcake !!

  115. I wish I could tell you my favorite scent but I haven’t had the pleasure of trying any of them yet. Can’t wait til I can :)

  116. I love the chocolate truffle but would love to try the cup cake candle …love these candles

  117. I’d like to try the Orchid Meadow. It just sounds pretty.

  118. I would like lavender or Hawaiian Coconut

  119. I love the Honeysuckle!

  120. honeysuckle or any of the cinnamon scents though I have never had one and am dying to try one!!! Thanks :)

  121. Sweety Pea

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  122. I like food or fruit scents, too many to choose!

  123. Would really love to try one of these candles. SO, i hope i win!

  124. favorite is honeydew melon

  125. cinnamon yummy smellin

  126. I love all fruit scented candles…

  127. I haven’t try them before but like citrus or fruity smells

  128. I love fresh scents like linen, but sandalwood is probably my all-time favorite!

  129. my favorite scent is tropical retreat.

  130. I love vanilla!

  131. I Love the Idea of Fresh Snow

  132. I would get the cupcake

  133. I take a lot of my free time, entering giveaways. Liking FB pages, signing up for emails, Tweeting etc.
    I found it to be a real bummer that your giveaways require the winner to contact you 1st. It makes it very difficult for us who enter several giveaways a day on several different blogs.
    I’m so grateful for the bloggers who will actually contact us via email if we are winners. I really hope you’ll consider changing your policy.


  134. I like berry scents, so probably the Strawberry Bliss or I might go another direction and get the Hawaiian Coconut. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  135. If I were so lucky to win the candle, I would like the Hawaiian Coconut. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  136. My favorite candle sent would have to be Clean Linen. I have yet to try these and would love a chance to win one. Thanks for the chance. :)

  137. pomegranate lemonade!

  138. Cucumber melon or Hawaiian coconut, either would be really nice! Thanks!!

  139. I love strawberry or tulip scented candles!

  140. Cupcake for sure!

  141. My favorite candle scents are anything food (fruit, cakes, cobbler)

  142. vanilla

  143. Cupcake!

  144. I love tropical smelling candles…would love to try Hawaiian coconut!

  145. I think the Dusk scent sounds great!

  146. I like Apple but that Hawiian coconut sounds like it smells wonderful!

  147. tropical retreat

  148. I have not tried diamond candle yet but I imagine I would love the vanilla and cinnamon roll ones. Thank You for the giveaway.

  149. i have never tryed these candles but i think i would like the vanella cream

  150. I would love to try the Chocolate Truffle one for sure!! :0)

  151. i enjoy nice smelling candles, would love to win a Tropical Retreat…..Thank you for a chance to win a Diamond Candle

  152. anything coconut!

  153. Lemonade

  154. vanilla

  155. Vanilla! Or japanese cherry blossom

  156. I’d have to say Plum Pleasure from PartyLite, but I’d love to try the Strawberry Bliss from Diamond Candles!

  157. i love berry smells, cherry, strawberry, etc :) i would love to try one of these candles

  158. I would love the sweety pea

  159. I haven’t tried them, but cupcake looks to be the best!

  160. Tropical Retreat <3 Thanks so much!


  161. Rosewood!

  162. Strawberry Bliss

  163. Lemon Lavender is my favorite, but I am anxious to try the Strawberry and anything with coconut.

  164. tropical smells!

  165. I love the smell of anything vanilla, coconut, or like a berry sent.

  166. DD & fruity:)

  167. Carnival Candy is just amazing. And diamonds mixed with candles is the perfect combination. Thanks so much for the chance at this awesome giveaway, very excited.

  168. I would love to try the Midnight Kiss–I love anything berry scented.

  169. Sweet pea!!

  170. cupcake!!!

  171. My favorite scent is Carnival Candy, it is amazing. And candles mixed with diamonds is just the perfect combination. I love diamond candles :). Thanks so much for the chance at this wonderful giveaway.

  172. Cinnamon Roll <3

  173. My favorite scent is Candlewood…

  174. strawberry

  175. Entered from Donna’s Deals and more..

  176. I love lilac

  177. I want to try the Strawberry Bliss

  178. I ike apple but that Hawiian coconut sounds like it smells awesome!

  179. Midnight Kiss xoxoxoxo :x

  180. I love the Lavender Lemon

  181. Sorry ment to do a kissy face and that one looked mad. oops sorry

  182. Vanilla is my favorite candle scent

  183. Love the fruit scents!

  184. I would like to try Sweety Pea or Cucumber Melon actually I think all of them would be great!!! I really hope I get to win one of these awesome candles

  185. Anything with sweets….cakes, cookies…candies..yummmy. Also like anything summer time, or tropical…oh I want one now:)

  186. I’m dying to try White Chocolate & Chocolate Truffle!

  187. I love Vanilla anything, but I would love to try cupcake!

  188. Hawaiian Coconut for sure!

  189. I love the honeysuckle!

  190. Chocolate Truffle or anything vanilla

  191. carnival candy! yumm

  192. nicole fayard says:

    cupcake or strawberry

  193. Hawaian Coconut

  194. I am not familiar with these candles, but love lots of different candle scents. I am just not a big fan of vanilla.

  195. I dont have one yet because I haven’t been able to get one yet.

  196. cucumber melon

  197. i love fruity scents, i wanna try the honeydew melon

  198. tropical retreat

  199. Entering from donnas deals and more blog and would love a vanilla candle :) or Hawaiian Coconut

  200. lavendar lemon YUM!

  201. Vanilla

  202. Chocolate Truffle Or Carnival

  203. sweet pea

  204. I love anything coconut!

  205. Vanilla, or cupcake, or Hawaian Coconut. I love the sweet scents of candles, so I would be happy with any of those three. I also like strawberry. I am not very picky

  206. Strawberry Bliss is my favorite

  207. Coconut or anything tropical.

  208. I’d love to try the Cuddle scent!

  209. french vanilla

  210. I would love to win one-strawberry would be my favorite

  211. Coconut is my favorite

  212. Cupcake :)

  213. I like sweet pea candles! walmart just started selling them and I go crazy when i see them

  214. Hawaiian Coconut

  215. Apple Cinnamon!

  216. I love the strawberry scent

  217. Apple Cinnamon:)

  218. Apple cinnamon

  219. My favorite candle scent is Lavender

  220. I don’t have a favorite candle scent bt I love fruity scents

  221. Phyllis Joyce says:

    CUPCAKE !!!!!!!

  222. I like vanilla

  223. chocolate scents are my favorite :)

  224. I’d love to try Strawberry Bliss!

  225. Vanilla

  226. I like cinnamon scents, so I would like to try the Cinnamon Roll scent.

  227. Carnival Candy!!

  228. I would love to “try” Apple Slice, Chocolate Truffle, or Cupcake from Diamond Candles! I love that they are made here in NC!

  229. My favorite is the melon one :)

  230. Dusk or cuddle

  231. cupcake

  232. Midnight kiss or tropical retreat

  233. Regina Bell says:

    I like anything with melon or berry in the name. I can’t say I have one favorite scent.

  234. Ruth Hill says:

    Pumpkin Pie Spice!

  235. Cucumber Melon and I found out about thisgiveaway through DHElegance on facebook.

  236. I’ve read about this diamond candles on another blog earlier and I was so fascinated with its free ring. I’m digging this giveaway! I’d love to join this contest!