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Hyland’s products work naturally by stimulating the body’s own ability to heal. In fact,parents have been trusting Hyland’s products for more than 85 years!When it comes for choosing products for your little one for things like teething, colic, colds and diaperrash, parents want to know that they are selecting products that are safe and effective. That’s why welove Hyland’s! 

The best natural help for teething!

Hyland’s Teething Tablets effectively relieve the irritability and restlessness associated with teething—
and has always been benzocaine-free! This #1 parent favorite is uniquely formulated for safety,
effectiveness and quality, and contains no synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors, dyes, or parabens.
Best of all, it works quickly to relieve irritability, redness, inflammation and discomfort on a child’s gums
so that they can get back to sleep. And you can, too!

Earache relief

One of the worse feelings is watching your child tug on his or her ears when they have an earache.
Hyland’s Earache can stop the pain—even the kind that antibiotics won’t take away. The medicines in
Hyland’s Earache remedy have been clinically shown to reduce earache symptoms during the first 48
hours of the episode and without any side effects. Perfect to have handy for those late nights when your
child is up with an earache and has trouble sleeping!

Vitamin C

Getting your child to eat enough Vitamin C can be a real challenge. Sometimes more nutritious food
ends up on you than actually in their mouth! That is why it’s important to take steps to ensure that your
child gets the Vitamin C that he or she needs. With Hyland’s Vitamin C Tablets, their immune system is
better equipped to ward off colds and flu. Tablets dissolve quickly and deliver 71% of the daily value for
babies under a year, and 63% for kids between 1-3 years.

Win a Gift Basket of Hyland’s Baby Products!

Now you can win a gift package of all of Hyland’s Baby Products. One lucky winner will receive a
delightful collection of the most popular products including:

Teething Tablets

Teething Gel

Cough Syrup

Colic Tablets

Diaper Ointment

Tiny Cold Tablets

Vitamin C Tablets

Infant Earache Drops

Valued at more than $70!

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This contest is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Twitter. Open to all US Residents 18 years and older. Giveaway will run June 22, 2012 starting at 10 am est and will end on July 7, 2012 at 12:01 am est. Winner will be notified by email on July 7, 2012 and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Prize will be shipped directly to the winner by Hyland’s. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery after winner is confirmed.


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  1. I like all the products, I can not just pick one , Because they are all my favorites

  2. I give them baths snuggle and cuddle with them give them some medicine or a lotion rub down thats how they get to feeling better

  3. I like the earache relief.

  4. I put my son’s blankie in the dryer and cuddle with him when it is nice and warm.

  5. I’ve only tried the teething tablets and i like them

  6. Someone told me once about the Teething Tablets, but I haven’t found them anywhere. I would love to try them.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. A nice warm bath and some cuddles are comforting to my grandson.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  8. I have some of their other homeopathic remedies, and I like the Belladonna Best.

  9. I comfort our littlest guy by nursing him mostly! Nothing else comforts him as easily and quickly! :)

  10. I’ve only ever tried the teething tablets and I love them.

  11. I comfort by holding them and rocking them

  12. I used the teething tablets 21 years ago and i still give a bottle to every new mother i know in their gift. These are truely amazing ad wonderful.!!!

  13. I love the teething tablets!

  14. When my little one is sick. I just rock her and comfort her. She usually gets really clingy!

  15. I have not tried a Hyland product yet I am excited and trilled to have the opportunity to possibly get the chance to try Thank you!

  16. To console my sick children I use a thermal aid bear to give them a bit of warmth and cuddle with them.

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  21. I like the teething tablets the most all the products are great :)

  22. When my little ones are sick I give them Hylands cough syrup and cuddle them <3

  23. I like the teething tablets best

  24. I snuggle them a lot…